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Construction Small Business Loans  

This is your guide to understanding loan types for construction businesses. Learn how you can receive up to $400,0001 to support your business.  

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Construction business loans

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Your Guide to Loan Types and How They Work for Builders and Contractors

Construction is a vital part of a thriving economy, and we rely on construction businesses like yours to renovate our homes, improve our plumbing, roofs, or windows, and bring new buildings to our communities. The industry continues to grow, yet that demand is still met with its own challenges. Construction business owners are familiar with challenges like fluctuating demand, weather-related disruptions, and employee turnover – all causing issues with cash flow.

A small business loan provides access to financing, so those challenges don’t disrupt your business. matches business owners with lenders  who know the challenges construction companies face and who have  decades of experience in securing financing for businesses. Here you’ll learn about loan options available to you and what type might work best for your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have additional questions about how to qualify for a construction small business loan and get up to $400,001 in funding from one of our lender partners, we have answers for you below.

There are many loan types to choose from, depending on what your business needs. The best loan for your business depends on how much financing you can afford, length of term, and what you’re using the funding for.

Qualifying construction small businesses can receive up to $400,0001 in funding from one of our lender partners.

SBA loans can be used for construction businesses. However, the extensive requirements and long-lead times for an SBA loan make it challenging to secure funding. Alternative lenders, like our partners, provide fast processing times and higher approval rates than SBA loans.

Many traditional lenders require a high credit score to get approval for a loan. Alternative lenders have more flexible qualifications, yet it is still best suited for those with fair to excellent credit.


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