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Real Estate Small Business Loans  

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Small business loans for real estate agents and brokerages.

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Your Guide to Real Estate Business Financing

Real estate is a complex industry, and owning a real estate business requires a sound financial strategy to meet operational demands and achieve growth. It can be expensive to maintain a competitive edge, covering costs for advertising, professional development, and technology upgrades. Additionally, real estate brokers may face unexpected expenses such as legal fees, regulatory fines, or emergency repairs, requiring prompt attention and often substantial financial resources to address.

A small business loan can provide brokers with financial flexibility to navigate the market and ensure long-term success. When you need access to quick and hassle-free funding to bridge the gap between sales, is here to match you with trusted lenders who can provide the financial support you need to grow your real estate business.

On this page, you’ll learn everything you need to know about securing financing for your real estate business. We’ll guide you through the different types of loans available, what they can be used for, the qualifications required, and which option might work best for your real estate business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our business loans can be used for a variety of business needs, such as staffing and operations. This includes hiring real estate agents, property managers, marketing personnel, finance professionals, and other necessary staff members, as well as paying for operational expenses such as rent, utilities, and vendor or contractor services. 

Qualifying businesses can receive up to $500,0001 in capital from one of our lending partners.

Yes, while it’s possible to use an SBA loan to fund your real estate business, the process can be lengthy and involve a lot of paperwork. In many cases, alternative lenders may be a more convenient and efficient option for real estate business owners. 

While approval times can vary depending on several factors, we strive to make the process of securing a business loan as quick and efficient as possible. With our trusted partners, you can typically expect funds to be deposited within 24 hours1 upon approval. It’s important to keep in mind that SBA loans often have a longer funding timeline, so it may take several weeks or even months before you receive the funds.


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