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Agricultural Farm Small Business Loans  

Get small business loans for poultry farms and agribusinesses. Learn how you can receive up to $500,0001 to support your business.

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Your Guide to Small Business Agricultural Loans

Agriculture is the bread-and-butter of our society, providing 10 percent of U.S. employment, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Yet it can be expensive to run a farm and expenses for an agribusiness can easily add up. From purchasing farming equipment to hiring employees, it’s important to have funding on hand to keep an agriculture business running smoothly. Small business loans can help you fund essential parts of your farm or take your business to the next level. is committed to providing solutions to agribusinesses and helping them succeed. We match small business owners like you with one of our qualified lending partners to secure the loan that best suits your business. On this page you’ll learn about alternative lending options, their qualifications, and see what option might work the best for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have additional questions about small business agricultural loans, how they work, or how to qualify for up to $500,0001 in funding? We’re here with answers.

In order to qualify for most loans, a business needs to be in operation for at least six months, have at minimum $250,000 in annual sales, and fair to excellent credit.

It is difficult to get a loan in any industry without proof of business. However, government agencies like the Farm Service Agency offer assistance to farmers launching their business.

There are many kinds of loans to best suit your business’ needs. It depends on how much funding you need, what the funding will be used for, and how long you need it. Agriculture farm loans can be used to purchase equipment, hire seasonal workers, buy more land, or general operational expenses.

An equipment financing loan is specifically designed for leasing new or pre-owned equipment and machinery. Alternatively, you could get a short-term loan to cover equipment costs and additional expenses.

Equipment financing terms can last anywhere from a short period of time to over a decade. The length of your financing term depends on many factors, including how long you plan on leasing it and the type of lender you work with.

The loan interest will vary as it is determined by several factors, including the loan type, term length, and amount.

Yes, SBA loans can be used for farm businesses and can have lower interest rates for agribusinesses. However, SBA loans require several documents to apply and often take a significantly longer time to get approved. If you need funding quickly, it is recommended to work with an alternative lender to secure financing fast.


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