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Business Term Loans  

Business term loans take your business to greater heights. Learn how you can receive up to $400,0001 in funding from our lending partners to support your business.

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Your small business needs are unique. We’ll match you with the right loan option to solve for them.

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Understanding Business Term Loans

Key Takeaways:

  • Small business loans provide businesses with a lump sum of capital to fund various business needs, with the money borrowed repaid back to the lender over time. Alternative lenders, like our partners at, provide quick and efficient access to capital with flexible repayment terms so businesses can focus on scaling growth.
  • Business term loans offer a streamlined application process so business owners can quickly receive funding to free up their cash flow.
  • On this page, we’ll dive into why a small business loan is a great option for business owners, how to qualify, and how the loan can be used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most lenders require a business to be in operation for at least six months to qualify for a loan.


Quick & easy small business financing

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We’ll help you get the quick financing you need to grow your small business—and without all the rigmarole.